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Monday, November 27, 2006

Cubs GM Jim Hendry has been in contact with Vicente Padilla and Gil Meche about pitching for the Cubs next season. Meche and Padilla are both asking around 8-10 million over 3-4 years. However, both are drawing a lot of interest. The Cubs may have a little edge with Meche because of Piniella's influence he had on players and Meche used to pitch for Piniella. On the other hand, the Blue Jays might overpay to fill the void in the rotation. Vicente Padilla is represented by Paul Kinzer, who represents Ramirez, which may also help the Cubs' negotiations with him. However, the Mets, Phillies, and Rangers have all shown serious interest in bringing him in. Padilla went 15-10 over 200.0 innings. Jim Hendry is also looking for an outfielder. It is known that the Cubs want Alfonso Soriano in right field so that could mean that Jacque Jones is gone. But, Julio Lugo, who also played for Piniella, said he was willing to play center. He has also expressed interest in playing short stop for the Red Sox. The Cubs do not want to commit to anyone for a long time because they have Felix Pie waiting for his shot. Jones said he would be willing to play center but Hendry probably wants to trade him for pitching because of the amount of money he is owed over the next two years. Cliff Floyd has also said he would like to play for the Cubs, and the Cubs appear to be in serious discussions with him to platoon in left field with the young Matt Murton. He will want a similar deal to what Frank Thomas got from Oakland. A deal, if any, should be struck by the end of the week, possibly at the Winter Meetings. It was also not known, but the Cubs designated Ryan O'Malley and Miguel Negron to make room for Clay Rapada and Rocky Cherry. The only surprise prospect left off the roster was C Jake Fox.


Anonymous 6:28 PM CST  

Where did you get your info from? I think you have a decent site here.

Eli 6:29 PM CST  

i go to:

ESPN Insider (sports)

I also register to all the local newspapers in each city

thanks, i appreciate it.

Eli 6:30 PM CST  

Sorry, the Cubs offer to Floyd is expected to be a one year, incentive based deal.

Anonymous 6:33 PM CST  

Is Jake Fox protected or is he available for the Rule V draft?

Eli 7:00 PM CST  

he is availble for rule V, but will probably be taken late if anything, and then traded. I see him being returned to the Cubs if he gets taken.

Anonymous 9:42 PM CST  

I've heard Aaron Rowand mentioned as a possibile trade candidate but not with the Cubs. With Soriano, Murton, Jones and or Floyd, they've got decent to strong bats but are so-so fielders. Seems they might sacrifice a little offence for reliable defense in center. (That said I've no idea how long Rowand is under contract.) Any thoughts?

Eli 9:51 PM CST  

rowand would fit nice with the cubs, considering he has played at wrigley every season in his career. he is very familiar with the pitching and style of play. and the field. however, the Cubs are looking for a lefty to play center, and rowand is not a lefty. rowand has come up in trade talks but if anything happens, it will be later this offseason. teams will look to him as a fall back player.

Anonymous 10:31 PM CST  

I feel Kenny Lofton would fill a need for the Cubs...More speed at the top and solid avg. and OBP guy and lefty CF...Soriano, Lofton, Lee, Aram, Jones, Barrett, DeRosa, Murton, Izturis...solid lineup there...thoughts???

Eli 10:36 PM CST  

i completely agree. and we could sign him for a year or two and he would fill the time needed for pie to fully develop. lofton was a fan favorite and played well here. I hope hendry is considering it. he is a great fielder and hitter. he played in 129 games last year so angel pagan would be the backup if he got hurt again. first, they have to trade JONES.