Yankees Will Try For Willis

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

According to the New York Post, the Yankees plan to package a deal for Dontrelle Willis. Although several Marlins officials said he is not on the market, a trade consisting of Melky Cabrera, Humberto Sanchez, and several other players may be able to do it. I doubt the Marlins will strike a deal, he is the best pitcher they have had in 15 years and he is still very young. Although he struggle this year going 12-12 with a 3.87 ERA. Career wise, he has gone 58-39, with a 3.44 ERA. Going to New York, would definitely turn him into the pitcher he was in 2005. With all the run production and above average defense, he would become the best number 2 starter in the game.


Anonymous 12:33 PM CST  

don't do it Marlins. I am tired of hearing about these teams who think they have what it takes to offer prospects for Willis. He is the glue that keeps everything together on that team. He is the face that keeps everyone watching. And now if the big, bad Yankees get him, forget it. The Marlins won't be able to contend for a few years. If ever.

Chris 2:42 PM CST  

I don't think Melky & Sanchez would be enough to entice the Fish into dealing Willis.

Ellsbury & Hansen wouldn't get the job done last year, but Cashman thinks Melky & Sanchez will?

I think the Marlins would have to be blown away with an offer to consider moving Willis. They'd like to build that young team around Willis & Cabrera, so I see no reason for them to get rid of those 2 unless they're getting all-star potential back in a trade.

Anonymous 2:51 PM CST  

I don't think it's Willis that struggled this year. It was the Marlins offense. How many games did he lose by 1 or 2 runs? Probably about 10. Also, except for 2 or 3 outings he usually went 7 or 8 innings. The W-L stat is one of the most useless in baseball. It tells you almost nothing.

Eli 4:55 PM CST  

yeah it was