Piazza to Oakland, Figgins to Chicago?

Monday, November 27, 2006

According to Buster Olney, the A's and Mike Piazza are in serious negotiations to bring him in to either catch, or DH next season. With the Angels signing of Gary Matthews Jr. to play center and bat leadoff, the odd man out is Chone Figgins. A possible scenario would be to trade Figgins to Chicago for third baseman Joe Crede. Figgins batted .267 with 9 HR and 62 RBI. I do not see how it would be a fair trade Figgins for Crede. Crede batted .283 with 30 HR and 94 RBI. The Angels would probably have to offer Figgins and a prospect to land Crede.

Source: ESPN


Sean 9:18 PM CST  

how about a Rowand and prospect for Crede swap? Any chance of that, or did Wes Helms' signing officially end the 3B debate for the Phillies?

Eli 9:55 PM CST  

helms did, he is a cheap 3b to stand in. and the white sox have no interest in bringing rowand back. Wes Helms had a great year. I think that helms will fit nicely with the phillies for the time being. he batted .329. I do not understand why the sox want to trade crede. he shows great potential and had a great year. However, rowand and a top pitching prospect would defenitely land crede. because it appears the white sox are looking to trade him and it would not obligate them to pay 15 million for his services.