Red Sox to Offer Nixon Arbitration

Thursday, November 30, 2006

According to the Boston Globe, the Red Sox are leaning towards offering arbitration to OF Trot Nixon. Nixon, who would add to an already deep outfield could make 7-8 million in arbitration and it appears that not too many teams are inquiring about him. The Indians went after and Dave Dellucci and that seemed to be the best bet for Nixon. If the Red Sox trade Manny, their outfield would look something like Wily Mo Pena in left, Coco Crisp in center, and J.D. Drew in right, assuming they sign him.


Anonymous 12:09 AM CST  

Bo Sox need to do right by this guy. He's been in the orginazation since the beginning. He likes boston and although he's injury prone. Platooning him with Wily Mo Pena ( Who also is being groomed for right field).

Wily Mo has a huge upside, but pate patience is still a bit of an issue.

I think until Wily Mo can string together 3 months with a respectable avg, and Drew now anyone's guess, Nixon is a very vital cog with the team.

Plus he's a dirt dawg. Can't teach that attribute.