Cubs Make Offer to Lugo

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Since the Blue Jays signed Royce Clayton, they will no longer pursue Julio Lugo. So, the Red Sox, Dodgers, Giants, Mets, and now Cubs are in hot pursuit of Julio Lugo. Lugo, who played under Lou Piniella in Tampa, said he would be willing to play center field. If they sign him, it makes Jacque Jones or Cesar Izturis expendable depending on whether the Cubs are willing to play Soriano in center. There was no report on money with a deal but Lugo has asked for four years, 32 million. I bet the Cubs offered right around their, probably a little bit more. The article, from ESPN Insider said:

Cubs make an offer
Nov 29 - Toronto's pursuit of Julio Lugo ended when the Blue Jays signed Royce Clayton to a one-year deal. But the Cubs remain interested and have made Lugo a multi-year offer, according to's Jerry Crasnick.

Boston is looking at Lugo to replace departed shortstop Alex Gonzalez, and San Francisco continues to maintain a line of communication with Lugo's agents. While the Giants are looking at Rich Aurilia, Mark Loretta and Ray Durham as second base possibilities, they've talked about signing Lugo to play second and eventually shifting him to shortstop when Omar Vizquel retires.

Lugo batted .278 with 12 HR and 37 RBI with the Devil Rays and Dodgers


Anonymous 5:45 PM CST  

Good. I hope the Cubs get him and then use izturis and some other young arms, maybe guzman or someone along those lines, as trade bait to go get a starter like jennings from colorado or westbrook from cleveland.

Eli 5:50 PM CST  

yeah. but, piniella said he would try lugo in center. he thinks he is versatile enough to make the transition. then after a year, move him back to make room for PIE.

4 yr. 36-40 million million I would not mind

9-10 million not bad

Anonymous 5:59 PM CST  

I think Izturis will be soild...Don't forget he was an all star and won a gold glove at short before last season and we could use his defense.

Eli 6:10 PM CST  

they will not keep izturis, with the way markets are inflating, they could trade izturis at the deadline if pie is doing well and move lugo then.

Anonymous 7:17 PM CST  

I like Izturis at short... If Lugo can play center and that's a big IF, then do that. But if he cannot, put him at short, trade Izturis, and sign Lofton for center. Ya think?

Eli 7:54 PM CST  

i like lofton and I would do that, but I think if we sign lugo, we need to focus on pitching, and then worry about whether jones or izturis will be traded. but we need to make room for pie so soriano in center would be bad.

KL 8:03 AM CST  

WHat would be the the salary cubs this year if they sign Lugo and Schimdt? I know they are going to be behind the yankees and Redsox.

Eli 9:18 AM CST  

if the Cubs gave lugo 9 million and schmit 15-16 million, there payroll would be at 126 million.