Yankees Post 25 Million For Igawa

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Does that surprise you? After losing out on Daisuke Matsuzaka to their rivals the Red Sox, the Yankees needed to make a splash. I do not know how big a splash this is considering his record in Japan was only 14-9. Yes he did have a 2.97 ERA and has been able to rack up innings the past six years in Japan, but, he is a number five starter, not even 15 million is worth it for a number 5 starter. The two main reasons the Yankees posted so high for Igawa is one: They needed to nearly match the Red Sox, and two: they need a pitcher. Other teams that were interest were: Padres, Mets, Cubs, Rangers, Dodgers, Mariners, and Indians.


Anonymous 6:12 PM CST  

the Indians didn't post? I thought they were interested.

Eli 6:40 PM CST  

the indians were one team mentioned as a possible bidder. there was never an announcement saying that they bid. all these other teams did come out and say they may have placed a bid.

Anonymous 7:16 PM CST  

okay thanks, I guess it doesn't matter but I read on their webs8ite that they more then likely would be one of the bidders. I have a feeling next week will be very interesting in the winter meetings in all of baseball.

Eli 8:14 PM CST  

yeah i agree, i am really excited

Anonymous 8:20 PM CST  

Eli...What is your projected lineup for the Cubs next year...batting order, positions, and rotation...if you would...thanks

Eli 8:50 PM CST  
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Eli 8:51 PM CST  

well, i will post on here because there is no need for a post yet.

RF: Alfonso Soriano
CF Kenny Lofton
1B: Derrek Lee
3B: Aramis Ramirez
2B: Mark DeRosa
C: Michael Barrett
SS: Cesar Izturis
LF: Matt Murton


I am really not sure about center field. ill get back to you when I find out more. I just think he will would make sense. I also think jones will be unloaded for prospects, maybe so depth in the bench.