2020 Baseball Prospects

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Here's a little something for you to watch over the holiday...


Anonymous 11:00 PM CST  


Anonymous 11:03 PM CST  

the kid that hopped over the catcher I hope the nationals pick up!

good idea with the vid

Anonymous 11:04 PM CST  

happy holidays, nice video

Anonymous 11:07 PM CST  

happy/merry ______________ hope everyone has nice week and...

go mariners

P-Ram 11:52 PM CST  

haha nice video
everyone have a merry christmas
i dont care if its not politicaly correct
im not politicaly correct

Eli 11:55 PM CST  

haha, enjoy the holidays

Anonymous 12:09 AM CST  

wow, i loved the mini tornado, and that kid who jumped over the 3rd baseman. thank was awsome.

KL 1:49 PM CST  

You know there are good baseball prospects for 2020

Anonymous 2:28 PM CST  

was that a real tornado?