Drew Fails Physical

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Red Sox were planning to announced the signing of J.D. Drew tomorrow but will have to delay the announcement because he flunked his physical. The Boston Herald is reporting that Drew's physical has raised a red flag. It has been two weeks since they agreed to a deal and with the flunking of his physical, the Red Sox will be forced to restructure a deal. Drew, who has battled injuries his whole career, batted .283 with 20 HR and 100 RBI.


Anonymous 10:55 AM CST  

how do u know this, no other site has it.

mike 11:10 AM CST  

its all speculation that he failed his physical nothing can be confirmed yet or not. all that link suggests is that he may of failed it. if i had to guess im sure something came up and the sox are now just trying to protect themselves through language with the contract. it will only be a matter of time before this deal is offical

Anonymous 9:39 PM CST  

i hope drew will fail physical

Eli 9:45 PM CST  

if he fails it again. a lot more teams will look to him for an incentive deal, that if the red sox back out

random 9:57 AM CST  

I guess that's why this is called a "rumor" site. :)

Anonymous 3:24 PM CST  

i cant beleive he failed

Anonymous 8:50 PM CST  

don'y worry eli i trust your site

random 9:16 PM CST  

Yeah it isn't bad. The stuff on here appears a couple of hours before it appears on the other main sites, I think.