Zito to Sign with the Giants

Thursday, December 28, 2006

A source close to negotiations says Barry Zito plans to sign with the Giants. The Rangers have been told that Zito will not accept their six year, 84 million dollar deal and is nearing a deal with the Giants. Zito, who went 16-10 with a 3.83 ERA, was drawing interest from the Mets, Mariners, Angels and the Yankees.

According to Jon Heyman, The Giants and Barry Zito are on the verge of signing a seven year deal, worth 126 million dollars.


Anonymous 11:16 AM CST  

all the chicago stations are reporting that! i heard it on ESPN 1000

Anonymous 11:20 AM CST  

i just heard that it was 7/112 from FOXSPORTS

Anonymous 11:26 AM CST  

what does this mean for zambrano

7 for 126

10 for 200

Anonymous 12:31 PM CST  

if i was jim hendry, i'd offer zambrano 10/200 today and keep him signed up because he'll be winning all 10 years and if the cubs lose him, they are pretty much screwed for years to come.

Anonymous 12:44 PM CST  

It's a done deal according to radio stations now 7 years 126 million with an option for an 8th year at 18 million. Wow, so much money for such a mediocre pitcher