Offseason Day 30

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day 30 Recap
- Astros trade Willy Taveras, Taylor Buchholz, and Jason Hirsh to the Rockies for Jason Jennings and Miguel Asencio.

- Rangers sign Gagne, Lofton
- Reds resign Dave Weathers

- Gabe Kapler announces retirement, will manage Single A
- Padres sign Jose Cruz
- Rockies tender offers to Yorvit Torrealba, Josh Fogg
- Cardinals resign Aaron Miles
- Mets resign Dave Williams

- For a list of all the players not tendered by their teams, go to article Players Not Tendered


Anonymous 10:54 PM CST  

if I was hendry, I would give wilkerson a shot. he did well in DC and I think he could be a nice "band aid" until Pie is ready.

go cubs, great site

Anonymous 10:55 PM CST  

i hope the cardinals take a look. edmonds is getting old and supposedly encarnacion wants out. wilkerson is cheap and could be a super outfielder if we decide to keep encarnacion

go cards

Anonymous 10:55 PM CST  

we do not need him but,

go mets

Anonymous 10:56 PM CST  

im suprised about giles, has he played any other positions besides second?

go marlins

Eli 10:57 PM CST  

yeah, he has played one game at 3rd base. i do not know if the marlins are interested though, and they already have cabrera

Anonymous 10:58 PM CST  

yeah, the marlins do not need him

Anonymous 11:10 PM CST  

Go Indians

Wilkerson wouldn't fit for us but since everyone else is rooting for their team, I thought I would too.

Go Indians

Anonymous 11:13 PM CST  

Can Wilkerson play CF or is he stictly corner OF? I cant seem to recall if he plays center or not.

Go Cubs

Anonymous 11:18 PM CST  

Looks like Wilkerson was tendered a contract, this from Rotoworld:

Brad Wilkerson-OF-Rangers Dec. 12 - 11:39 pm et

The Rangers did tender an offer to Brad Wilkerson prior to Tuesday's deadline.

It's the right move for the club, though it does leave the lineup a bit too tilted toward the left side. Fortunately, a healthy Wilkerson tends to hit lefties just as well as righties. Unlike Kenny Lofton and Frank Catalanotto, he shouldn't need a platoon partner.