Brewers Make Offer to Suppan

Thursday, December 21, 2006

According to, the Brewers have offered Jeff Suppan a four year deal, worth about 45 million dollars. Suppan's representatives met with the ones of the Brewers and said a formal offer was made Wednesday. Suppan went 12-7 with a 4.12 ERA for St. Louis last season and was the NLCS MVP. Suppan, who met with the Mets yesterday, is also being pursued by the Pirates, Giants, Rangers, and Indians.


Anonymous 1:36 PM CST  

he would suck with the brew

Anonymous 10:20 AM CST  

45 million for suppan? what is this league coming to . Props to the bluejays tho for signing burnett last year for 11mil a season. everyone critized them now they look like geniuses

Eli 10:25 AM CST  

45 is outrageos. it is actually closer to 40

Anonymous 5:33 PM CST  

Everyone is complaining about this? You should be complaining about the money Zito will get and his ERA was only 0.29 less. 0.29 less runs per game for millions more a year.