Mulder's List Down to Three

Friday, December 22, 2006

Mark Mulder has narrowed his list down to three: Texas, Cleveland and St. Louis are now the front-runners to add Mulder. The Diamondbacks were in the running but were informed they are no longer being considered. The Diamondbacks made a 1 year, 1 million dollar offer with incentives that would reach 2.5 million dollars. They were also four options in the deal. Both Texas and Cleveland offered Mulder two years, but amounts are unknown. Mulder's agent, Greg Clifton expects Mulder to make 20 to 25 starts next season. Mulder was 6-7 with a 7.14 ERA with the Cardinals. Mulder is expected to continue throwing January 1st and make a full recovery from his shoulder surgery which he had on September 12th. According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Mulder has narrowed his choices to the Cardinals or Rangers.

Keith Foulke has reached a preliminary agreement with the Cleveland Indians, according to FOXSPORTS.


Anonymous 10:12 AM CST  

Im surprised the dbacks are out, I thought he would want to play near his home?

Anonymous 10:19 AM CST  

foulke to indians, i like it. no other site is reporting it though, ill wait and see

Anonymous 2:09 PM CST  

i heard that this morn, but why hasnt ne1 else reported it

Anonymous 9:10 PM CST  

yeah at first I wasn't sold on Foulke but then I heard he was lights out in the end of the season so I think he can help the Indians young team and may even serve as our closer.

Eli 9:48 PM CST  

he will do well in cleveland, especially with a good defensive team

Anonymous 10:27 PM CST  

I look for Andy Marte to solidify his spot at 3rd base this coming season. I can't predict that he can hit .280 30/100 but I can say with certainy his defense in '07 will be better and more crisp then our 3rd base position last season. He'll be fun to watch.