Blue Jays to Trade Alex Rios?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Now that Vernon Wells is signed, Alex Rios seems to be the odd man out. He is the most desirable of the three present outfielders on the roster and is the only one that can acquire a proven player. Rios batted .302 with 17 homers and 82 RBI in 128 games last season. He should draw a lot of interest from teams in need of an outfielder and the Blue Jays may be able to acquire a starter. The Dodgers Brad Penny is a possible suitor, but the Dodgers have Pierre, and have him for the next five years. And with the signing of Gonzalez, he will not be an option in left (Either is already slotted for RF). The Cubs are in search of a center fielder, but would only need Rios for one year because of top prospect Felix Pie. But do the Cubs have the proven pitching that would attract the Blue Jays? The Mets, who have an overload of young pitching, would definitely attract the Jays. Pelfrey, Humber, Maine, or Perez might be able to complete a deal. Rios would help balance out the lineup because he is a righty, and he is young. Other teams that might inquire about Rios:


Teams with low budgets may be willing to package two or three prospects for Rios because he is not eligible for free agency for another four years.


Anonymous 12:54 PM CST  

why would the philles be interested?

Eli 12:54 PM CST  

because they have wanted to trade pat burrell and have pitching that could swing a deal.

Anonymous 1:31 PM CST  

I would love for the Pads to get him.

Anonymous 3:03 PM CST  

What would the jays be able to get from the marlins in terms of pitching for Alex Rios

Noah 3:51 PM CST  

It's not that Rios is the odd man out in Toronto at all. The Jays right now will have a starting outfield of Johnson/Wells/Rios with Adam Lind starting the year in AAA.

The only reason Rios is being discussed in trades or at least rumoured to be is because the Jays need pitching and he's a desireable talent. However I doubt the Jays will move him for a guy like Penny, Id imagine his price is going to be quite high.

Anonymous 3:57 PM CST  

the cubs would be intrested but rios would be a guy to go long term with not for just one year

Anonymous 5:37 PM CST  

I wonder if the Cubs would be able to trade Jacque Jones and have Rios play center, Soriano right, and Murton left. Then when the time came for Felix Pie, move Rios to right, Soriano to 2b, and DeRosa to short. Would that work?

Eli 5:58 PM CST  

yeah that was what i was thinking...i would do that

Anonymous 7:36 PM CST  

Rios in spanish means rivers

Anonymous 8:07 PM CST  

How about this? Pie and Marshall for Rios? I would do that.

Eli 9:14 PM CST  

i would not

George 12:24 AM CST  

If the Indians have any thought of moving Westbrook, wouldn't this be close to an ideal situation?

Anonymous 6:35 PM CST  

the indians would have to pay more than westbrook for rios.

Anonymous 10:25 PM CST  

ESPN 1000 in Chicago is reporting that the Cubs will announce on Tuesady that the Cubs have agreed to terms with Cliff Floyd on a one year contract. The radio station is also reporting that the Cubs will trade Angel Guzman to the Devil Rays to clear a roster spot for Floyd.

Anonymous 10:35 PM CST  

did u just hear this??

random 11:59 AM CST  

Couldn't Rios get you more than Westbrook? or not?

Eli 3:45 PM CST  

possibly, rios and a minor leaguer defentely could

Anonymous 4:56 PM CST  

Hey Eli I thought you always get rumors. Next Time I expect you to get the rumors first

Anonymous 4:39 AM CST  

Rios to the Padres would be a revelation. He could play RF with Cameron in CF and Giles sliding over to LF.
Anybody think a package of Linebrink, Stauffer, and a prospect could get it done?

Anonymous 2:17 PM CST  

The jays will demand a lot for rios, if traded. The way he tore up the AL last year before he got that staph infection was amazing, so I would think that a solid starting pitcher as well as a pretty decent prospect would be needed. By solid starting pitcher I mean someone LIKE jason jennings.....but obviously not jennings.

Shashi 3:18 PM CST  

JP would be an idiot to trade Rios for yet another useless starter that fails to deliver. Rios was the most improved player, and he even represented @ the allstar game. How dare he even consider trading rios. If Rios if gone, the Jays won't be the same. Who will brake bats ontheir knees??
Rios has done sooo much for this team. JP needs to rethink who to trade. Get rid of all those "dormant" pitchers and trade em for better ones. Don't get rid of a perfectly good outfielder. Who'll take Rio's spot...Stairs??