Pirates sign Kuwata, Yankees sign Miranda

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Pirates are closing in on a deal to sign Masumi Kuwata. Kuwata, 38, is a veteran to the Japanese league. He has collected over 170 wins and will probably join the Pirates starting rotation in 2007. He also had a minor league offer from the Red Sox. The Yankees and 1B/OF Juan Miranda have agreed to a four year deal, worth about 2 million dollars. Miranda, 23, is projected to bat .280, with about 20 home runs.


DL 6:53 PM CST  

I would mind see Kuwata in a Pirates uni.

Nice pick up by the Yanks it looks like, and for an OSM price too! I still hate them though...LOL

Eli 6:56 PM CST  

haha, he is probably closer to 27 then 23 though

Anonymous 7:55 PM CST  

I dunno about this Kuwata pitching for the Bucs. But I guess any veteran is an improvement and hes cheap which means they can spend more on hitting

Eli 7:57 PM CST  

very true, he brings new stuff to the table, he will be able to eat innings and no one in the central has seen him. his fastball speed is decreasing though.

Anonymous 5:35 AM CST  

According to an AP artical I just read on Yahoo, Theo Epstein is quotes as saying the Red Sox signed Kuwata. He'll get a chance to in training camp.