Mets to Trade Milledge?

Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Mets maybe on the verge of trading Lastings Milledge to the Athletics for Joe Blanton, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Blanton, who went 16-12 with 4.82 ERA would thrive in the NL, especially because he is a ground ball pitcher. Milledge, 21, who still has a boatload of potential, batted .241 with 4 HR and 22 RBI. If this trade happens, Milledge would compete with Bobby Kielty or Mark Kotsay for the starting job in either left or center. Blanton would take the number five spot in the rotation until Pedro Martinez returns and they could send either John Maine or Oliver Perez to the bullpen.


Anonymous 4:02 PM CST  

milledge would thrive in oakland/fremont

Anonymous 2:41 PM CST  

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Anonymous 4:30 PM CST  

to bad it will never happen because omar isnt stupid enough to trade milledge for steve trachsel oops i mean joe blanton, they are the same pitcher. blanton is just younger. He is awful. He actually doesnt even deserve to live