Red Sox After Marcus Giles

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Red Sox are expressing interest in signing Marcus Giles to be their new second baseman. Giles, who was not tendered by the Braves, is already drawing a lot of interest. The Mets and Padres have already held talks, and it appears that because the Red Sox have Pedroia, they would not be as willing to fork over as much cash as a team like the Padres.

Giles batted .262 with 11 HR, 60 RBI, and 11 SB.


Anonymous 3:14 PM CST  

anything new with phillies?

Eli 6:32 PM CST  

yes, the phillies are attempting to trade for mike gonzalez, but probably will not get him. they are also interested in joel pineiro

Anonymous 9:06 PM CST  

Anything new with the Cubs? They have been quiet for awhile.

Eli 2:06 AM CST  

finalizing deal with marquis. shopping jones. relatively quiet

Willyssox 7:03 AM CST  

Why would the Sox have interest in Giles, when they already have Pedroia?

Eli 10:27 AM CST  

giles is a great player, but why waste money when you have cora (if pedroia fails) and pedroia did decent last year