Reunion in Arizona?

Monday, December 25, 2006

According to the Star-Ledger, the Yankees and Diamondbacks have re-opened talks about a trade involving Randy Johnson. The Diamondbacks could use Johnson because Mark Mulder is no longer interested, and there is still room in the rotation. However, the Yankees will most likely ask for Connor Jackson and at least two other prospects. A deal would only move forward if they can settle what to do about his contract. His contract calls for 16 million dollars and the Yankees do not want to pay any of it. Johnson went 17-11 with a 5.00 ERA last year with the Yankees. is reporting that Diamondbacks and Padres have held talks with the Yankees concerning Johnson.

KFMB in San Diego is reporting that the Diamondbacks have offered Chad Tracy, and two prospects for Randy Johnson and cash.


Anonymous 11:21 AM CST  

this was bound to happen

Anonymous 11:23 AM CST  

let me get this right. the yankees want some good young talent in return but they dont want to pay any salary? not to mention johnson may not even be ready for opening day. If im the dbacks I would make the yankees pay a big part of the salary if they want anything good in return. A pitcher with back problems is never a good deal to trade away good young talent for.

Eli 12:17 PM CST  

i agree, thats why i think no deal will be reached

Anonymous 1:17 PM CST  

plus now if the yankees trade away johnson what does that mean to the yankees rotation? i keep hearing yankee fans say clemens but i think thats a very long shot cause the yankees wont give clemens the kind of deal the astros gave him. he would have to be with the team all the time. also their young guys in the minors are not ready for major league action yet. so i would really be surprised to see this happen

Anonymous 1:19 PM CST  

If they get rid of Johnson and get
nothing they are winners. We don't
need another Kevin Brown type for
$16 million.

Anonymous 1:27 PM CST  

then who replaces johnson in the rotation? pavano? one of the guys in the minors who isnt ready yet? but then again there is clemens who every yankee fan now thinks will go to their team

Anonymous 3:44 PM CST  

I HOPE THE DIAMONDBACKS DONT DO IT! JOHNSON IS OLD. Im in San Diego right now and heard something about Chad Tracy, you really think they would trade him!!??

Anonymous 3:51 PM CST  

padres would have to give up linebrink to get him and of course other players

Brian 3:53 PM CST  

I wouldn't mind getting Johnson, but We better not give up any one of real value, especially if we have to pay 16 million.

Anonymous 3:56 PM CST  

that is how i feel, i hope we can restructure his deal if we get.

Anonymous 4:00 PM CST  

i heard that too, its either false or completely ridiculous

Anonymous 4:03 PM CST  

yankees trade away johsnon and their rotation gets even weaker than it is. they will be hoping that wang can repeat what he did last season, hoping mussina can have a great year and hoping petitte can adjust back into the AL. sounds like a lot of question marks for the yankees rotation. not saying johnson isnt a question mark but the yankees just dont have the depth to get rid of him. how i would love to see them deal johnson away and then see johnson bounce back from his back injury and have a great year

Eli 4:10 PM CST  

its a tough decision

Anonymous 4:15 PM CST  

the yankees also have that japanese guy who is a big question mark himself. some don't even think he can make it in the majors as a starter.

Anonymous 6:00 PM CST  

The Unit had this same operation in 1996. He seemed to be fine for the next 10 years. I'd do this deal as long as the players to be traded are not named Drew, Quentin, Young, Jackson, Upton, or Carlos Gonzalez. Or Owings. Or Montero. Tracy I can live without/can be replaced, though I think he'll be better in 2007. He's just warming the bag for Reynolds anyway. Throw the Yanks Nippert, Julio, and Chris Carter.

Anonymous 6:03 PM CST  

if youre a yankee fan, its hard to even worry about finding someone to replace johnson. if you get him out, cashman will either sign a 4 or 5 starter to fill the gap or pull of a trade for one, somehow, someway.

Anonymous 7:03 PM CST  

who is left for the yankees to sign to add to their rotation though that could really help them out? clemens or zito? can yankee fans really expect clemens to return when they have said they would not give him the treatment the astros gave him? how quick yankee fans seem to forget how good johnson was for them in 2005. he pitched all of 2006 hurt and still went over 200 innings and pitched decent enough. as a sox fan there is nothing more id like to see than the yankees lose more depth at pitching, sign some bum thats left in the free agent market cause i dont see them getting either zito or clemens. although i would like to see them get zito cause he would get killed in the AL east. as a sox fan i would love to see him go. johnson was 7-1 against the red sox the last 2 seasons as a yankee.

Anonymous 8:56 PM CST  

I would trade Randy for a bucket of baseballs. He's old, injury prone and not his Cy Young self.

For those that said the Yanks don't have anyone, would you mind checking at least? I know you're not Yankee fans but don't act as if you know their farm system.

First off, the Yankees still have replacements in Rasner and Karstens (Check what they did last season). They're #5 starters but so is Johnson. (They also have Hughes and Sanchez who might be ready later during the season)

The Yanks are likely to sign Igawa and have options in Clemens and Zito (Although, I wouldn't bet on it)

And don't tell me the rotation is a big question mark. News Flash: ALL PLAYERS IN BASEBALL HAVE QUESTION MARKS
You're right, they might bust or they might do even better than last season just like every other player. All we have are stats and we can only use those stats. (We don't have crystal balls but do you?)

Anonymous 1:06 PM CST  

Why would the d-backs trade a great player like Jackson for a pitcher who has maybe 2 good seasons left in him? Jackson has 15 good seasons left in him, it doesn't make sense

Eli 1:52 PM CST  

i know, thats why i think they are pulling away