Offseason Day 37

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day 37 Recap
- Giants sign Ryan Klesko
- Phillies sign Jayson Werth
- Brad Radke retires
- Rod Barajas close to signing with Phillies
- Cubs finalize deal for Jason Marquis
- Twins sign Rondell White
- Marcus Giles passes physical


Anonymous 11:20 PM CST  

twins signed rondell, phillies sign barajas. where are you hearing this?

Anonymous 11:21 PM CST  

now foxsports has it, wow, adding you to my favorites. pretty credible.

Eli 11:39 PM CST  

thank you, if you want you can subscribe to the site, the RSS feed in the space where you write the URL, click it and they will send you an email when I update it.