Yankees Want Mike Gonzalez

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Yankees are supposedly willing to part with highly touted prospect Melky Cabrera in exchange for reliever Mike Gonzalez. Cabrera, 22, hit .280 with seven homers, 50 RBIs and 12 steals in 130 games as a rookie last season. A deal is far from being struck because it appears that the Pirates are asking for at least two players. Gonzalez, who went 3-4 with 24 SV and a 2.17 ERA is also drawing interest from the Braves, Red Sox, and Indians.

UPDATE: A three way trade is in the works that would send Melky Cabrera to the Braves, Adam Laroche to the Pirates, and Mike Gonzalez to the Yankees.


Anonymous 1:00 AM CST  

bad trade for yanks, melky is gonna be sick. btw, i love this site so much im checking it now...haha

Anonymous 3:00 AM CST  

Good deal for Yanks, pitching is harder to get over hitting. Melky has little power. Good deal for Yanks if it goes through.

Bucco Fan 2:19 PM CST  

I pray this trade happens. i am a pirates fan, and i really, really, really like what LaRoche brings. I LOVE Gonzo, but Capps or Torres can replace him.

Anonymous 4:23 PM CST  

I don't think they can, you can't replace a kid who has 24 saves last year in 24 attemtps. But if you want to trade him, you can trade him to the Indians for Jake Westbrook :)

Anonymous 4:39 PM CST  

I think that the Yankees should not do this deal. If he did they would be losing a great prospect. I think that the Yankees could somehow figure out a way to put Melky in the starting lineup. If they have to move him or Matsui to first base it doesn't matter. Cabrera is a great hitter and one day he will win a batting title.

Anonymous 5:19 PM CST  

come on, seriously? The only thing I have seen thus far in the one plus years Melky has been with the Yankees is he has a great name, that's it. I don't see any justification on how any other team would think it's a great deal to land him and nobody else.