Capuano to Red Sox?

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Brewers are upset with Chris Capuano's performance and have notified teams that he is available. According to one AL executive, the Red Sox called the Brewers expressing their interest. It probably won't take much to get him, mostly because he went 5-10 with a 5.10 ERA, but also because he is coming back from injury. The Brewers are very deep in their rotation and could use a minor leaguer or two for Capuano. I think the Red Sox would be smart to go out and get him. He is 42-48 with a 4.39 ERA in five major league seasons. That is pretty good for a number four starter. He won eighteen games in 2005, and if he could bring those kind of numbers to Boston, they would be in good shape. Although the Red Sox have said they are content with their pitching right now, they have been scouting other pitchers. Pitchers they have reportedly been scouting include Jason Marquis of the Cubs, Ervin Santana of the Angels, and Zach Minor of the Tigers, among others.


Anonymous 5:34 PM CDT  

this would never happen the red sox dont want a NL pitcher with a high era its just gonna get higher when he comes to the AL

Anonymous 7:05 PM CDT  

How did u learn they are scouting Ervin?

Anonymous 7:18 PM CDT  

How do you know what this AL exec said? Personal experience, or something you read elsewhere?

And twice you use the word "reportedly", but don't say where it was reported, or by whom.

It's real easy to be vague but much harder to be trusted.

Eli 8:02 PM CDT  

I'm sorry i left you confused. I keep in touch with several scouts and executives, and when we are talking freely sometimes in will come out. In the case of Santana, the Red Sox were linked to him earlier this off season and I have been told that scouts from several teams have been watching him.

But, i will try to be more clear.

Anonymous 12:20 AM CDT  

Capuano had an incredibly high BPAA all last year, so with some regression to the mean his ERA (his FIP was lower, in the 4s, in 2008 BTW) will come down. But it's hard to understand why the Red Sox would want a(nother) LH fly-ball pitcher in Fenway. He doesn't have Lester's power, and as another poster noted the K-rate, historically good in the NL would take a massive hit moving to the AL East.

Anonymous 2:32 PM CDT  

If Capuano will only cost 1-2 prospects, maybe the White Sox should take a look at him. The question for the White Sox may be, do they even have those 1-2 prospects to give up with their minor league system currently being so depleted? He'd most likely be a better option than Gavin Floyd at the back end of that rotation.

Anonymous 5:37 PM CDT  

I'd expect that the Red Sox wouldn't want to give up anything more than Coco Crisp in a trade for someone like Capuano. If they can get him for Crisp than it wouldn't be a bad, somewhat low risk move.

Crisp is obviously of no interest to the Brewers, but a three team deal with Oakland/Chicago/whoever could get something done.

Anonymous 12:00 AM CDT  

Doug Melvin said "I haven't talked to them" when asked if the Red Sox and Brewers were discussing a trade. Though He did tell teams he maybe looking to trade a pitcher by the end of camp. You can read it here: