Matthews: Mariners Should Sign Bonds

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bob Matthews of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle believes the Mariners would be a good fit for Barry Bonds. I agree with him. Jose Vidro is currently their designated hitter, but could play second base for the Mariners if Jose Lopez struggles again. Despite Lopez signing a long term deal, playing 110 games and getting 300 at-bats might be good for his development. By having a platoon at second base, it would open the way for Barry Bonds as their DH. Putting Barry Bonds in that lineup would put the race in the AL West up in the air. Their rotation is solid, and Bonds as their DH would definitely improve every one's numbers. Bonds still wants to play, and would probably take a one year deal worth 7-10 million dollars. Any deal would include incentives, because he is the homerun champion. I do not think the Mariners are interested in bringing in Bonds because of the negative attention he will bring, let alone because he might be gone for part of the season. The Rays are believed to be interested, but I just do not see Bonds playing again.


Ed 6:34 PM CDT  

Just for reference, Bob Matthews does not know anything about baseball, most of the time when he opens his mouth on the subject he proves what a fool he is. I read his column every day, and while he's very informative on some topics, baseball isn't one of them.

Eli 6:52 PM CDT  

I agree with you completely. But it was his idea, so I have to give him credit.

Anonymous 10:20 PM CDT  

Barry Bonds will never play major league baseball again, neither will Roger Clemens - End of Story.

Anonymous 8:23 AM CDT  


Anonymous 2:04 PM CDT  

interesting how some folks now believe Bonds would be "a good fit" here or there but these folks were the same ones condemning the Giants for the past couple of years for employing Bonds. Kinda hypocritical, don't ya think???????????????????????

Anonymous 9:30 PM CDT  

most sports writers are hypocrites or they just write on the partys line and dont mean what they write