Mets Talking With Pirates?

Friday, March 7, 2008

According to one NL executive, the Mets have contacted the Pirates about the availability of Xavier Nady. It is being reported that Minaya is looking for someone to bring in, and that they have looked at Marcus Thames of the Tigers, Matt Murton of the Cubs, and Nady. Nady, who played for the Mets in 2006 and hit .264 with 14 HR, had a career year with the Pirates in 2007. While some think the Mets should go out and sign Barry Bonds or Sammy Sosa, I think Minaya should sign veteran Kenny Lofton, who could help at all three outfield positions. I think Minaya's job is on the line after he failed to bring in solid depth after trading away several prospects, but he could easily turn it around with a couple good moves. The Pirates were asking for a lot when they were talking to the Padres about a trade, so I think they would ask for a lot from the Mets as well. The Tigers are not interested in giving up Thames so I think it will come down to Nady and Murton. Murton is no dump player either though, so they are going to have to give up something if they want to improve. Something will likely happen soon because the Mets would like to have a lineup set by the final week of Spring Training.


Anonymous 1:21 PM CST  

It seems to me that the Mets are serious about winning a World Series and Omar Minaya is serious about keeping his job. So in this instance, they might as well sign the human highlight reel, Barry Lamar Bonds. It makes sense, a platoon of Alou and Bonds is the best thing they can get right now. All it will cost them is money, just have him sign a contract with some clauses for performances and jail issues. It's a win win. Imagine a lineup, Reyes, Bonds (imagine the fastballs he see's with Reyes on base), Wright/Beltran (each of them will drive in 110+ this year) Delgado (less pressure on him.

If they get Bonds into camp early, they can even get him some reps at 1st base since they are scared of Delgado's age/injuries. Bonds is an athlete, I am sure he can play first base just as good as Delgado after a few weeks.

Personally I am a Cubs fan so I really don't want them signing Bonds, but it just makes too much sense.

The Man 1:35 PM CST  

According to one NL executive, the Mets have contacted the Pirates about the availability of Xavier Nady.

WHERE DO YOU SEE THIS? I read the entire article, and all I saw was a journalist listing the Pirates as a possiblity..

Anonymous 1:44 PM CST  

I just read the article you linked to and I don't see where it states an NL executive claimed the Mets contacted the Pirates. All it says is that the Mets have "identified teams with outfield situations that have surpluses". Later on Randolph implies that the opening day left fielder is most likely already a member of the Mets.

Anonymous 2:11 PM CST  

What do the Mets have to offer? Fernando Martinez is just about the only prospect left worth anything. I don't see them moving him or Mike Pelfrey, so what are they going to offer in a trade. I would want more than Sosa and Schowenwise.

Eli 2:23 PM CST  

I talk to the NL executive, who is close with one Met in the front office. the article confirms that they are looking

Anonymous 2:45 PM CST  

Eli... kenny lofton is not what they need. they need a 5 or 6th place hitter with some pop.example: xavier nady. Lofton is a 1 or 2 hitter or 8 or 9 (if AL).... the mets have all those spots covered. which is why i think they will lean towards a nady or thames type player.

Anonymous 3:59 PM CST  

Randy Winn and Steve Kline for Joe Smith is a trade that works for both. The Giants get a young good RP for Winn...and the Mets get the OFer they need & a replacement for Smith for the year. Also, the Mets would get a sandwich pick for Winn in 2010' if they decided not to keep him (pretty safe bet he is at least a Type B FA).

Anonymous 12:11 AM CST  

heilman for nady - makes sense.

Anonymous 8:45 AM CST  

Hey I was on here yesterday questioning your story but this morning the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette confirmed it. Good job.