Report: Roberts To Cubs Close

Monday, March 3, 2008

After scouts reported back to their respective teams with what they saw, the Cubs and Orioles are engaged in serious talks involving Brian Roberts. According to, the Orioles would send Brian Roberts and Jay Payton to the Cubs for pitchers Sean Marshall and Sean Gallagher, along with shortstop Ronny Cedeno and outfielder Matt Murton. Personally, I think the Orioles will ask for one more player, probably a young pitcher in Single-A or Double-A. If I had to guess, someone like Robert Hernandez or Marco Carillo are the players that could draw some interest. One problem I have this trade is what do they do with Mark DeRosa. DeRosa hit .293 with 10 HR in 149 games, and would be out of an everyday job with the acquisition of Roberts. I think the Cubs will address the situation if they do in fact acquire Roberts, so until then, it won't be addressed. DeRosa can play first, second, third, and all three outfield positions, so I still think he would see 400 at-bats, but in terms of being comfortable might be an issue. Nevertheless, Roberts would give the Cubs the leadoff hitter they need, and it would allow the Cubs to move Soriano down in the lineup. Not only that, but it would put them over the top in the division with their excess of pitching, solid lineup and bench, and minor league depth. I expect a deal to be done within the next two weeks, if not by the end of the week.


Anonymous 10:34 PM CST  

it doesn't say theyre close, it says theyre heating up

Louis 12:58 AM CST  

I dont know why the orioles wouldnt ask for Eric Patterson in return. They already have an logjam in the OF and they could use some infield talent if they part with Roberts

Ed 7:03 AM CST  

I will believe it when I see it. As far as DeRosa goes. I don't think it would hurt to move Derosa to the outfield or any other position. It's not as if he was stellar on his defense. Pinella talks about resting the regulars more. Derosa has always been a so-called super sub! He has always moved around the field last year was a perfect example. Plus do we know that he will even be able to perform with the surgery he just had. From what I heard the surgery that he had normally requires certain things that make a normal person feel groggy or uncomfortable. It sounds as if the Cubs are willing to pay a big price to et Roberts. I say that if you are going to do it then do it. Let's go! Play ball!

Anonymous 7:49 AM CST  

I don't see how the Cubs would like Payton. Just read Payton might be done for the year with a shoulder injury.

Anonymous 8:21 AM CST  

"I expect a deal to be done within ..."

Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I had read this phrase since the winter meetings, I'd be at home messing around on the internet instead of doing it at work.

The deal for Roberts and Payton makes sense, but I think four or fewer players will move from the Cubs, especially if the deal includes two pitchers. The Cubs just don't have the kind of farm system depth required to survive these kinds of deals every couple of years. Keep it up and they'll start to look like the Orioles organization.

I also doubt Murton goes in the deal given the depth of talent in the Orioles outfield. Look for him to go in a seperate deal.

Anonymous 11:31 AM CST  

Do you not realize that EPatt IS in fact an infielder? His regular position is 2B.

Anonymous 3:55 PM CST  

What a great way for Roberts to get outta that hellhole in Baltimore!

E Silv 8:31 AM CST  

We had David Kaplan and a Cubs' Vineline writer come in to talk with us and we discussed the possible trade, and they undoubtedly think the Cubs will land Roberts, what a lineup...