BREAKING NEWS: Devil Rays Win Bid for Akinori Iwamura

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Devil Rays posted the highest bid for the third baseman. Akinori Iwamura is the biggest name since Hideki Matsui to come out of Japan. He will be going to a great place to start his career, Tampa. He will be embraced by the quiet Devil Ray fans and will get a good taste of baseball in the AL East. The Devil Rays reportedly outbid the Indians, San Diego and Boston for the left-handed hitter.

Source: The Plain Dealer


Anonymous 6:49 PM CST  

They won't be winners quite yet, but this year is the beginning of the new Devil Rays. They outbid three high-payroll teams for a guy who many contenders wanted to play everyday for them. With their farm system, the Rays are just a couple years and a couple pitchers away from being AL East Contenders. And no, the Devil Rays will not be trading off all their stars when they get too pricey any more-they plan to dramatically increase the payroll over the next few years, and they now say that they are done trading established MLBers for prospects. They now want established MLB talent in return. Go Rays

Chicago Cubs 7:06 PM CST  

yeah I hope so. I see them being contenders in 3-5 years. for the wild card or division. probably the wild card. As the Yankees and Sox begin to flush out their old players, the new ones will develop. And the devil rays have them. good luck this year.