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Monday, November 13, 2006

According to the Palm Beach Post, Juan Pierre would be interested in returning to Miami and play center field again. However, he expects to make 5 million and that might be out of the Marlins price range. The Marlins are expected to look at cheaper center fielders like Willy Taveras or Chris Duffy to patrol center field in 2007. Also, the Mets plan to make a serious run for Dontrelle Willis. They may offer Lastings Milledge and Aaron Heilman along with a prospect and cash. I think the Marlins will push for a lot, and will probably make this trade by off-seasons end.

Source: Palm Beach Post


Anonymous 11:43 AM CST  

Heilman would be a plus for the Marlins who need to re-build--or rather build--a credible bullpen after leading the NL (with ATL) in blown saves (26). But we already have our Milledge in Abercrombie--neither is MLB ready.
Willis means a lot more to the Marlins, both in terms of his anchoring the rotation as the "veteran" and 2nd-place Cy Young in '05, and in terms of being the soul and the public face of the team...

Chicago Cubs 3:53 PM CST  

i agree, he is the leader of that team, and leads the team on the road, even when he is not starting