Brewers Closing In On Gagne

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Brewers are closing in on a one year deal with Eric Gagne, according to Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports. The Brewers are already improving their bullpen with David Riske, Salomon Torres, and now Eric Gagne. I think Gagne will thrive with in Milwaukee where the media will not be all over the team. Unlike Boston, he will be able to enjoy and thrive in a stadium where the fans aren't always on you. The signing of Gagne could suggest a trade involving Derrick Turnbow, but I doubt it. I think they want to have the best pitching in the NL Central, because that is probably what will win the division. They have not said whether or not they will pursue more pitching, and with the signing of Gagne, I doubt they will do much more.


Steve 6:39 PM CST  

I think getting Gagne is a nice move. I hate to see the Brewers do it (being a Cubs fan), but I think the change of scenery would be good for him. Look at what he was doing in Texas last year, for example.

Anonymous 7:18 PM CST  

Smart signing for the Brewers, they are far and above the rest of the NL Central. As for the Redsox a just end for a bad relationship, a sandwich pick, could be worse.

Anonymous 2:14 PM CST  

How do you figure the Brewers are far and above the rest of the NL Central. They lost Linebrink and Cordero, they've gained Torres and Gagne, both of whom had bad years in 2007 (Gagne was good in Texas). Basically the most you can assume is they are back to the same team as last year in which they didn't win the division. How do you assume they're far and above the rest then? The only thing different is that maybe Sheets will stay healthy and that may be a difference maker. Alls they done is bring guys in who have POTENTIAL to bounce back and fill the holes of the guys who left.

Also I can't believe they're paying an injury risk in Gagne 10 mil plus incentives. I thought it was a good signing till that came out later. Thankfully it's only a one year deal.

Al 3:25 PM CST  

Previous comment did not mention Riske.

Al 7:23 PM CST  

Last comment missed Riske.