Indians Interested In Rios?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Indians are working very hard to acquire Alex Rios, according to sources. Although the Blue Jays are slowing the process, it is possible we could see something happen. The Indians seem happy to include Franklin Gutierrez, but will probably have to include another solid player to get anything done. We could see the Padres package two or three prospects for Rios and Josh Towers if they cannot land Fukudome, but I think they have the best chance of landing him so we will see.

Now that the Giants have missed out on Miguel Cabrera, they will turn their attention to Scott Rolen. I think this deal can get done. The Giants and Cardinals both are looking for change and could get something done this week. The Giants could probably offer Noah Lowry, Daniel Ortmeier, and Henry Sosa for Rolen, but the Cardinals might want more talent.

Are the Twins interested in Corey Patterson? He will come at a reduced price because he struggled this season but lefties do well in the Metrodome, and bringing him in, although it will not be the same as Torii Hunter, might turn out to be okay.

The Pirates have signed backup Carlos Gomez, according to his agent.


Anonymous 9:14 PM CST  

lol are u kidding me?
that much for rolen? that'll never happen..
maybe like straight up or something.. but not that much for a decaying player

Eggshmeg 10:08 PM CST  

Ken Rosenthal just said that this deal isn't going down. He said that Riccardi has gotten some offers, but won't even contemplate them. Rios is staying put, thank God.

Tim 11:40 PM CST  

not this Sabean bull again. trading for a big name player past their prime.

Anonymous 9:20 AM CST  

I think Rios can be had...if the suiter is willing to overpay somewhat and include pitching. I could see one of Sowers, Laffey, Lee plus Gutierrez plus a good pitching prospect (Scott Lewis?)getting it done. Or, if A. Cabrera is ready to take over at short and the Tribe signs Alexie Ramirez, I could see a deal centering around Peralta. Nothing in this hyper-market would surprise me.