Brian Roberts Admits Steroid Use

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In an interview with The Sun, Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts admitted to using steroids "once" in 2003. He said since then, however, he has not done it since. He calls it a terrible decision, but this could lead to the Orioles trading him, similar to what they did with Miguel Tejada. The Cubs are interested, but the Orioles might have to be willing to lower their price to get something done since Roberts was named.


Star Man 9:00 AM CST  

Whether the Orioles trade him or not has no bearing on his recent admission. Get your head out of your computer and realize that the Orioles are in a rebuild mode.... thus the reason for trading Tejada and possibly Roberts.

Anonymous 9:25 AM CST  

actually the Os were expected to trade him anyway, especially if Bedard is dealt. the asking price wont be lowered, as the Cubs GM still "really wants" B Rob.

Anonymous 10:21 AM CST  

I don't think the Mitchell Report had anything to do with the Tejada trade. He was traded before it came out, the Orioles are terrible and are rebuilding and wanted to get rid of his payroll, that's why he was traded.

Roberts was one of the guys that people felt didn't belong on the list. I highly doubt this is going to lower the Orioles asking price. Roberts doesn't get paid a ton, the front office and team loves him, don't think you'll be getting him for cheap.

Anonymous 7:15 PM CST  

Hey Eli, I'm just curious, but whats your background? What do you do? How did you get an invite to the Winter Meetings?

Eli 8:28 PM CST  

I didn't get invited to the Winter Meetings, I hung out in the main area out of the press room and caught everyone walking through. I would just catch up with them, talk to 'em for a minute, and let them go. then we would plan to talk later or something. As for my background, I'm from Chicago and I am in high school.