Cubs Non-Tender Prior

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Cubs have opted not to tender a contract to Mark Prior, making him a free agent. Prior has a 42-29 record and 3.51 ERA since he made his big league debut in 2002, but his career has been littered by injuries. I guess the Cubs felt the money was not worth the risk, I agree with them. I think the next team to sign him might get something out of him, but you cannot blame the Cubs for not giving him a chance. He just wanted too much money. If you remember in 2005, the Cubs turned down a deal from the Orioles that would have sent Mark Prior and Felix Pie to Baltimore for Miguel Tejeda and prospect Erik Bedard. I wonder what would be different if that went through. Other notable non-tenders are: Adam Everett, Morgon Ensberg, Emil Brown, and Dallas McPherson, among others.


Anonymous 9:18 PM CST  

I think the Cubs did the right thing. He owed them the right to play for cheap this year to prove he had something left.


Can Fukudome pitch?


Joe 10:07 PM CST  

Is it still possible for the Cubs to re sign him? What I'm wondering is if maybe negotiating a two year or one year plus option deal was being declined on Prior's side. Maybe letting him become an FA will allow him to test the market. Unless someone is stupid enough to give him a guaranteed multi year deal, maybe the Cubs come back with a fair market one year plus option or two year deal that they wanted to do from the start, but now Prior has the sense to accept after seeing that there isnt much better offered on the market?

Anonymous 10:15 PM CST  

good riddance, ungrateful bum

Anonymous 1:31 AM CST  

I think the cub's and there fans have had enough. I don't care if he turns out to be an ace, he's been a huge dissapointment and taken a lot of money.

Nice info on the old trade rumor too, I love it when old trades are brought up when guys were just prospects and you can see how things may have turned out for the teams involved. Not that you can really predict how things may be now if the trade had gone through, just interesting info, I don't mind seeing my roommate whose a cub fan sitting next to me say a few cuss words either :D.

Anonymous 2:26 AM CST  

I heard that Prior is not well liked by teammates so maybe it is better to let him go. Too bad they couldn't have gotten something for him.