Grumblings Out West

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Dodgers have no interest in pursuing either Aaron Rowand or Andruw Jones, meaning they are sticking with Ethier, Pierre, and Kemp in the outfield. Still, that is a great outfield with a lot of potential. You also avoid spending a lot of money on players that could turn out to affect the team. I think the Dodgers are going into the 2008 season looking pretty good. I think they could add a pitcher, and another solid guy off the bench, but otherwise, they are okay.

The Padres, who are looking for cheap upgrades, have inquired about the Cardinals pitcher Anthony Reyes, who has 14 losses last season.
I think if the Padres miss out on Fukudome, they could trade a pair of low level prospects for Anthony Reyes and Jim Edmonds.


Tim 12:51 AM CST  

i think the dodgers are in a great position, and are playing smart. It's a good thing they arent unloading prospects for one player. As a Giants fan I'm scared about what they have.

x3row 12:52 AM CST  

how could u say the dodgers r not interested in andruw jones if the dodgers website says that they are and they made him and an offer?

Eli 7:22 AM CST  

believe what u want to believe i guess...that is what i am hearing

Tim 2:59 PM CST  

i hate reading about rumors on team sites. it's just PR bull.