Report: Yankees Close to Santana Trade

Monday, December 3, 2007

A Red Sox official believes the Yankees and Twins are "very close" to completing a deal for Johan Santana. This would make the Yankees rotation Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte, Johan Santana, Ian Kennedy, and Joba Chamberlain. It is possible they would groom Chamberlain to be the next closer and keep Mussina in the rotation. Or they would start Kennedy in the bullpen and let him work his way in. For now, this is just what one guy thinks, it is no where near being official. My guess is that they will extend the deadline and continue to work on a deal.


GOD 11:29 PM CST  

Hey eli hope your life is less stressful without me being a dick but u know fun for me

anywho the twins and yankees have left at a standoff because the twins will not take anything less then Melky Phil and Ian the yankees would do this trade if and only if the twins and a middle prospect to the deal which isnt going to happen i am happy because santana gives up way to many HRs and his best years r behind him because the twins worked him hard so soon in his career i think his arm is done after 2 more years and he wants a 6 year deal who wants a washed up 20 mil pitcher in 4 years i would love the yankees to go into the year with a 6 man SP staff with
Wang Andy Moose Joba Phil Ian not in that order but to keep Andy and wang 32 starts every 5th day they should pitch and fill in the other kids and moose around that i would love your thoughts and the 6 man idea thanks eli and i will stop being a dick its the new me

Eric 11:35 PM CST  

Do you think this deal will get done?

Eli 11:38 PM CST  

yes but i think the yankees will pull of the deadline and work exclusively with them..or a deal with get done in a couple hours

GOD 11:40 PM CST  

thought i would say this because i dont think u will post it because it isnt big but the Yankees traded Tyler clippard for RHP reliever Jonathan Albaladejo i think this is a good trade for both teams because the nats need as much SP as they can get and tyler didnt have much of a chance in NY and the BP is in need of some help and in a short time in the majors 14 innings he had a 1.44ERA

GOD 11:41 PM CST  

I think this deal has a bout a 5% chance because the twins want Ian and the yankees will not offer him and many reports r coming in that they reach another standoff

Yau-man 11:42 PM CST  

Who caved, yanks or twins?
Is it melky/hughes/mid-tier?

Eric 11:44 PM CST  

Are they still meeting now or are they done until tommorow?

Eli 11:50 PM CST  

the festivities are during the day but the gms can meet whenever they please. same with the agents.

Eric 11:50 PM CST  

Its almost 1am and still no trade. Eli what are the chances of the Yanks. trading for him? Do the sox stay in or go elsewhere. I hear that Jed Lowerie posssibly for Feautnes?

Eric 11:54 PM CST  

God: The Yanks need this trade. Phil Highes has not proven himself, if the sticking point of this trade is Ian Kennedy the Yanks need to throw him in to get The ace. You don't know what these kids are going to do.

GOD 8:44 AM CST  

look at santana he has had 600 innings the last 4 years he lost 4 MPH of his FB at the end of the year and scouts say he is doesnt want to use his slider because he is hurt also those innings came on his arm at a young age so he may have 3 years of ace but his best year r gone and wont come back

Phil has had sparks of greatness like the texas game september and game 3 of the ALCS and he is projected ace also ian is projected to be a 3 so why would u get rid of 2 pitchers that r projected to be at the top of your Staff it doesnt make sense

One 9:00 AM CST  

the Yankees will not get Santana. reading around it appears the Yankees have moved on past getting Santana, but the Red Sox are the ones close on getting Santana.

the potential pitching rotation for the Yankees of Wang, Pettitte, Santana, Kennedy, and Chamberlain that suposed to suggest Wang would be the #1 and Santana would be the #3? of so thats a joke! Wang is so overrated. he got 19 wins, hooray! please *rolls eyes. its not all about wins, his other numbers suggest hes a solid #3 pitcher at best!

Anonymous 9:53 AM CST  

um acctually the red sox are close to a deal that would send: Lester, crisp, lowrie and another prospect 4 santana......face it the yankees are out of it and are going to be horrbile this year.

Anonymous 10:20 AM CST  

the yankees need this deal more so than a lot of people realize. Without santana the yankees could spend a second billion without a championship.

Anonymous 11:12 AM CST  

Don't worry, when the BoSox get in serious talks and close to a trade you'll see Steinbrenner pop his annoying little head up again.

Pops 2:01 PM CST  

Not proven himself Eric. Hughes appeared in thirteen career games.

Has he had a chance to get his feet wet and prove himself?