Dodgers Land Kuroda

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Dodgers and Hiroki Kuroda have agreed to a three year deal, worth between 36-40 million dollars, according to sources. The deal is pending a physical, which has reportedly been done, so an official announcement is expected within the next hour or so. With this signing, it gives the Dodgers another big starter, who will probably be in the number three spot. By adding a solid pitcher and a free agent outfielder in Andruw Jones, without giving up any prospects, they are gearing up for a long run behind Joe Torre.


Anonymous 3:15 PM CST  

Good acquisition for the dodgers if this guy can give us innings. Now maybe we can get rid of a stiff (Loaiza) for some bullpen help. NL West DEFINITELY strengthened in pitching now (except for Rox). And, we keep our youngsters! AZ looks like they want it all now by basically trading away their whole farm system for Haren...

GOD 3:58 PM CST  

when will MLB teams see the pitchers from japan are not that good

LA4AGreat08 11:46 AM CST  

Nomo was great for a few years.
Saito is Great NOW.

Importing Pitchers from Japan does not cost you the farm (See DBacks).

The Dodgers have been extremely successful in bringing in Foreign Imports, and gettign the best in return. If Kuroda can sustain a 3.50 ERA for the next three years, and get into the 6th inning, the Dodgers will get exactly what they paid for.