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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Despite the event scheduled for the GM's tonight, trade talks are still swirling. From what I am hearing, the Cubs are offering Sean Gallagher, Matt Murton, and a third prospect in exchange for Brian Roberts. Maybe Joshua Lansford is that third player. Oneri Fleita of the Cubs believes he has good upside after a solid season in Single-A. The Blue Jays are waiting to hear back from the Giants on whether or not they will accept their offer of Alex Rios for Tim Lincecum. I think it is a pretty good deal for both teams. Although Lincecum has the potential to be a great pitcher, adding Rios, who should be with them for a while, will make them better. And if Winn and Rajai Davis can improve on their numbers, they should do well And of course, Johan Santana trade talks are going around but nothing is happening. And to be honest, he really isn't the focus of the meetings. I think people expect it to happen, but it seems more is being said on Bedard, Haren, Fukudome, and other issues. Although most of the managers have left and GM's will be busy with the Rule V Draft, I expect to be very busy tomorrow talking with reporters, agents, and other executives.

Stay Tuned.


obsessivegiantscompulsive 12:13 AM CST  

Of course, if you just view it as adding Rios to the offense, that would make them better.

The key question is are you making the team worse overall by subtracting Lincecum and adding Rios, and not just in 2008 but for the next 5 years, say.

Lincecum is on the path to being a great pitcher. Probably he doesn't get there - injury, league catches up, loses his mojo - but you don't konw either, some obviously do. And it doesn't even have to be great over a career, we are just looking over the next 5 years. And I think the odds are pretty good that he's going to be special during that period.

Rios is good, but how many corner OF hit 24 HR? Had 85 RBI? Hit for a good average? There is a lot, I believe, without looking, 24 HR is not that much today and 85 RBI is nice, but Feliz had that before and he's not that good a hitter, so where's the uptick there for the Giants?

Meanwhile, the Giants have a two-ace constellation with Cain and Lincecum. We know that with them pitching, we are going to be in those games, poor offense or not, because more times than not, they are going to be throwing a good game.

Plus, I believe that having a two-ace configuration gives great advantage to any team who makes the playoffs, whether it was Koufax-Drysdale in the 60's or Johnson-Schilling for the D-backs.

And even with Rios, the Giants offense will still suck, they will only suck less, but their rotation will be that much less powerful. If they want to trade for Lincecum, they should be giving us Rios and other players in addition, like giving us back Accardo and a good position prospect. That's the price they should be paying for a player who can be great someday.

Tim 1:00 AM CST  

not surprsied about santana. asking price too high.

dont want the giatns to trade lincecum. i love the 5'10 wonder.