Padres Sign Iguchi

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Padres have come to terms with Tadahito Iguchi, according to sources. A one year deal is good for the Padres and for Iguchi, who can now build up his value. Too bad they couldn't get this done sooner and then use Iguchi to lure Fukudome to San Diego as well. This will probably open the way for Matt Antonelli in 2009 at second base.

More details soon...


Anonymous 11:45 AM CST  

Who will the Phillies get know with Iguchi gone becuase Iguchi was one of the most expensive players that the Phillies had?

Randall 12:05 PM CST  

New Trade! Tejada to stros!
The Orioles will get outfielder Luke Scott, pitchers Matt Albers, Troy Patton and Dennis Sarfate, and third baseman Michael Costanzo.