Giants In Talks With Clark

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Contrary to reports that they would give Dan Ortmeier and Travis Ishikawa a shot at first base, the Giants are in talks with first baseman Tony Clark. Clark, who had a two year offer pulled off the table from the Diamondbacks, is in talks with the Giants about a one year deal, with a mutual option for a second, according to sources. I think Clark would be a solid pick up for the Giants. He still has pretty good power, and a switch to a team in the division should make the transition easier. He did bat .249, but had 17 HR and 51 RBI. However, in 19 games at AT&T Park, he has hit .119 AVG with 0 HR and 4 RBI. Nonetheless, a team that is rebuilding like the Giants could use his bat and his veteran presence in the clubhouse.


Anonymous 5:39 PM CST  

haha...I think the gigantes are destined for another year in last place! Glad I'm not a Giants fan...go Dodgers!!

Tim 7:07 PM CST  

well one good thing that can come out of another 2008 losing season is another high top 5 draft pick. go Giants! =]

Anonymous 10:14 PM CST  

duck the fodgers!

lowest class fans in the league.

obsessivegiantscompulsive 3:45 PM CST  

According to the SF Chronicle, they have not had any "serious discussions" yet: Seems more like Clark's agent is putting it out there and negotiating in the media, based on the quote from him in the article.

The writer also quoted team officials as saying that an option they are considering is giving the job to Ortmeier but have a role player with whom he would share 1B and learn the ropes.

And if I were a Dodger fan, I wouldn't gloat, they have Garciaparra at 3B, Pierre now in LF (he was bad enough in CF), and now adds Andruw Jones who inexplicably has about as bad a season you can have, but have no physical reason for it, and still get nearly $40M over two years - players start their decline in their 30's, some early, some late, so as Giants fan, I was quite happy to see the Dodgers sign Jones for a lot of money - when they did that with Dreifort, it killed their franchise chances for years.

Tim 1:07 AM CST  

obcessive, you fail to recognize the even dumber Giants signings. Zito for the overpriced 18 mill/year, and now rowand for the same for 5 years. his hitting numbers are overratted b/c he was in a hitter friendly Phillies park. let's see how well he does in pitcher friendly at&t.

The dodgers have nomar, kent, and pierre for reasonable amounts, and andrew jones may be overpriced, but it's just for 2 years.

i am a giants fan, and all i want for the holidays is a new GM.