Padres Outfield Taking Shape?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Padres were surprised to hear that Kosuke Fukudome did not accept their offer, and are moving quickly to fill their spots. They have contacted both Geoff Jenkins and Mike Cameron in the past 24 hours and hope to sign both for next season. This could suggest that the Pirates are asking for too much in return for Jason Bay, or that the Padres would rather have a lefty in their lineup like Jenkins. One thing is for certain, the Padres are looking for two outfielders, and at least two more pitchers before Opening Day.

UPDATE: According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Padres are talking a deal with the Pirates that would send Jason Bay to the Padres. I suspect that Michael Barrett would be in the deal, along with Matt Antonelli.

Still something wrong with Prior?:
The Cubs seem more content with letting Mark Prior go after hearing that there is no guarantee that he will be back by May. More importantly, the Padres have cooled to the idea of bringing him in after reviewing his medical records. Prior is looking for three million dollars next year, but probably deserves a million at most, with incentives. I suspect the Cardinals, Rays, Mariners, and Royals to be some of the teams interested in bringing him in for a reduced price.


Anonymous 5:22 PM CST  

The Pirates and Padres ARE NOT discussing Jason Bay. They haven't sinced the first day of the meetings. The trade talks now are around Barrett. Period.

Anonymous 6:07 PM CST  

wow... Prior is a little egotistical thinking he is worth 3 million for probably less than half of a season

Anonymous 6:17 PM CST  

ur site sucks i dare u 2 post this comment! all u do is go on your site 15,000 times a day and comment on your own articles. i've also contacted the agents of some of the people you "interviewed" and they told me that you never interviewed them.

Eli 7:47 PM CST  

i posted it punk...first off, i have taken my ip address off the count so it does not count my address. second, which agents have you talked too, and dont you think i would be in trouble for putting out fake interviews. tell me who you talked to and i will set you straight.


Anonymous 7:59 PM CST  

whoa eli calm down dude...u should've just moderated his comment

Anonymous 8:04 PM CST  

you cant block ip addresses from sitemeter! LIAR!

Eli 8:40 PM CST  

Yes you can block IP addresses. The reason I did not moderate the comment was because I wanted to show his stupidity. If he was telling the truth, he would have told me which agents he talked to. I wish he wouldn't challenge my credibility, i work very hard on this and if thinks im lying, he should show me.

Anonymous 9:42 PM CST  

he's just not worth it eli

Anonymous 11:55 PM CST  

Eli, Kevin Towers and Sandy Alderson both said they haven't talked to the Pirates since last week at the Winter Meetings. Also, do you have the link to Buster Olney's update saying Antonelli could be part of the deal? I don't see it anywhere on

Anonymous 2:30 AM CST  

Eli he is probably jealous that your site is as good as it is. Don't waste too much of your time on this person.

Eli 7:22 AM CST  

antonelli part is what i think...just because the pirates do not have 2B.

Anonymous 7:30 AM CST  

Of course you're aware that Bay has a questionable knee.