Off to Nashville!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

For those of you that have not heard, I will be going to Nashville tomorrow for the Baseball Winter Meetings. They are very busy, so I expect to be very busy bringing you updates as I hear them. If you notice the side bar on the left, it says "Live from Nashville," that is where the most up to date rumors will be coming from tomorrow. I have contacted GM's, Agents, and Reporters all week so I expect to meet with all of them and get whatever I can. Wish me luck!

To close out the night, lets wrap up what is going on:

- The Dodgers, Mariners, and Diamondbacks are all offering just about the same amount for Hiroki Kuroda. This would be a great time a for a sleeper team to make a big offer and sign him.

- The Brewers are looking for a closer, but do not want to give up too much for him.

- The Padres and Astros have broken off for the night on Luke Scott but plan to keep working tomorrow.

- The Padres have made an offer to Kosuke Fukudome.

- The Reds are interested in Erik Bedard and are willing to shop Joey Votto.

- The Rockies will turn to Marcus Giles.

- The Orioles are showing even more interest in Michael Barrett.

- Omar Minaya is desperate to make a move.

- The Red Sox will wait to trade Coco Crisp.

- The Nationals and White Sox are talking a trade that would send Juan Uribe to the Nationals for possible Saul Rivera and a minor leaguer.

- The Rangers are meeting with the agents of Eric Gagne.

More tomorrow...from Nashville!



Anonymous 11:00 PM CST  

Good luck Eli. I am jealous


Anonymous 12:42 AM CST  

Have fun Eli, You're very committed to your site and we appreciate the hard work you put in.

Anonymous 9:13 AM CST  

Joey Votto would only be the starting point in the Reds quest for Bedard. Are they willing to part with Jay Bruce, because that's what I think it would take. The competition would be just too strong for Votto alone to get it done.