Reaction Time: Still Very Quiet

Monday, December 24, 2007

As I write this, I realize that most teams have closed up for the week and have head home. Nevertheless, it is my job to give you the news, and I will deliver.

- The Rangers are still very serious about Bartolo Colon and Jason Jennings.

REACTION: I think they would be better off trading Hank Blalock for package of prospects than sign two pitchers who might not perform. Anyways, signing two veteran pitchers should help.

- Mark Prior prefers Astros and Reds over Padres?

REACTION: Not a surprise. He wants to prove that he can pitch so he can torment the Cubs. He also had a good relationship with Dusty Baker, and recognizes that the Reds will be very good in the near future.

More later...Enjoy the holidays!


Tim 3:24 PM CST  

Reds over the Padres? Prior must really want to get back at the Cubs.

yaow 4:20 PM CST  

doesn't matter where Prior goes. All he is gonna do is sit on the dl and waste precious payroll dollars for the team who is desperate enough to sign him to a big deal.

The Cubs were right to cut him loose. Why spend money on someone who has a very questionable future?