I'm Back: Talks Picking Up

Sunday, December 30, 2007

It is nice to be back after my trip, and I am ready to get back to work. I want to thank everyone for being so patient while I was gone, and I plan to get the site back to full speed for 2008. But as of today, here is what is making news:

- Livan Hernandez is in serious talks with an unknown team, according to a source close to the player. I was not told any teams, but the teams I have been hearing include the Cardinals, Mets, Rockies, Tigers, and Mariners.

- Former Phillies pitcher Kyle Lohse is still on the market, and does not appear close to a deal. The Mets and talks with his agent have slowed, and I have heard from an unnamed source that he has had talks with the Reds, Cardinals, Mariners, Rockies, and one anonymous team, among others.

- Corey Patterson is still looking for a job, and could wind up in Chicago. Both teams are looking for an outfielder, and he would probably come at a reduced price.

- The Pirates are still interested in Michael Barrett, and are willing to depart with two low-level prospects.

- The Orioles have cooled on the idea of trading Brian Roberts, but talks with the Cubs are still ongoing. The Cubs would probably have to part with Sean Gallagher, along with Eric Patterson, and at least one other prospect, maybe two. I have heard Jake Fox's name be mentioned, but nothing else beyond that.

- The Marlins and Rockies remain interested in Mike Maroth.

- The Mets are reportedly closing in on a one year deal with Freddy Garia.

- The Rangers are still in talks with Jason Jennings and Bartolo Colon.

- The Athletics have not had talks with either the Rockies or Mets about Joe Blanton.

- The Orioles are still shopping Kevin Millar, which would suggest that ownership is still not happy with his Fenway Park appearance.

- The Rangers are interested in Tony Clark, and seem to be the only team showing serious interest in him.

More tomorrow, Happy New Year!



The Man 11:18 PM CST  

Why don't you ever reveal your "source" makes it pretty hard to ever believe you.

Eli 11:22 PM CST  

at the request of the person giving it to me.

Anonymous 11:23 PM CST  

would it make a diffence if he through a random name at you..you would probably say he was making it up.

Montego76 9:26 AM CST  

Orioles are shopping EVERYONE. We're in great need of a closer among other things. Thanks to the free agency- union set up, we ended up giving duds multi- year contracts.

If the Orioles were shopping to get rid of guys a la Oliver Twist they's be trying to dump Mora (shame, a no trade clause) for whining about giving up playing time to a youngster last Sept. They'd be pawning off Aubrey Huff and his hairy palms for playing hung over. And Jay Gibbons would be dumped & we'd eat his contract if need be. We're looking for youngsters with potential.

Angelos gave Millar permission after the GM was asked by Lucchino. The only ones upset are the fans that sell their tickets to Red Sox Nation for a 1000% profit and then complain about it.

heyitsmeomar 1:21 PM CST  

I agree with you Anonymous...

Kamel 6:26 PM CST  

I dont get why everyone on here is so mad about anonymous sources not being revealed. And its a bit ironic that the person demanding it chooses to post a comment under anonymous.

Do you ever see ESPN or your local newspaper reveal an anonymous source? Did those two writers in SF who were being threatened jail time end up giving their sources?

If the source requests it, you gotta do it. You have no choice, unless you want to burn bridges and never get tips from them again.

Is there a chance this blog makes up rumors? Sure. We dont know that cause we're not part of the blog. If you dont believe his stuff, dont bother reading it. And dont bother reading ESPN.com or any other sources of media until the player is unveiled at a press conf.

citymets 12:06 PM CST  

By not revealing a source, the rumor is just not worthy of being noted.

The only significance, if that is what you want to call it, of an un-sourced rumor is that the idea of it will promote interest that will lead to other rumors, that might eventually lead to a rumor that actually has a source.