Phillies In Talks With Outfielders

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Phillies have reopened talks with outfielders Mike Cameron and are in talks with Bobby Kielty. The Phillies talked with Mike Cameron about a month ago but felt he wanted too long a contract. But now that the Phillies lost Aaron Rowand and the Padres acquired Jim Edmonds, he is available and may be more willing to lower his price. However, not only will Mike Cameron be out for the first 25 games of the season serving a suspension for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, but he has not seen much success at Citizens Bank Ballpark, or any other stadiums in the NL East. The Phillies also have interest in Geoff Jenkins, but by reopening talks with Cameron might suggest the Jenkins talks hit a snag.

The Phillies have also been talking with Bobby Kielty, probably for a bench role, but he continues to wait and see if the Red Sox have interest in bringing him back. Kielty is a switch hitter, and would definitely help their bench. Aside from outfielders, the Phillies plan to attend Kris Benson's workout on Monday. He hopes to throw 65 pitch successfully, and if he does, should be able to get a one year deal.


Anonymous 5:44 PM CST  

"Has not seen much success at Citizens Bank BallPark"

First- It's Citizens Bank Park.

Second- This is a stupid comment because its far more likely that he just hasn't played enough games there. Do you think he has trouble with short corners and low fences?

Tyler 10:28 PM CST  

I agree with the first poster. The small sample size is the reason for Cameron's poor numbers there. CBP is the Coors Field of the East Coast, and if Cameron does sign with the Phils', his numbers will only improve, considering the dimensions at Petco Park.

I like the idea of Cameron roaming the gaps in Philadelphia.

Anonymous 12:07 AM CST  

Thank you second poster. First poster appreciates your support.

Anonymous 8:38 PM CST  

Camerone is worthless let the Nationals sign him!!!!