Are the Red Sox the New Yankees?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

If the Red Sox pull off the sweep tonight and win their second World Series since 2004, can we consider them the new Yankees? They have spent tons of money, finding upgrades in Daisuke Matsuzaka for over 100 million dollars, J.D. Drew, Julio Lugo, and others. But, are they turning into the team not to root for? Personally, I do not have a problem with the Red Sox, and most people still like to see the collapse of the Yankees. Maybe because Steinbrenner makes such a big thing of it publically. Maybe it is how they go about their business. The players they pluck away from their teams after they get good that struggle is maybe what we all like to see. Jaret Wright, Carl Pavano, and Kevin Brown are just a few examples of players that have not worked out with the Yankees. Personally, I think the Yankees have been hyped up so much because of the amount of money they spend that people naturally root for the underdog, which is and has been the Red Sox. I mean, Terry Francona is the most underrated manager in sports; yet, he leads his team into the postseason every year. While the Yankees go out and find the best players, it seems the Red Sox find the right ones, and people naturally want to root for someone to do better. That's my take on it, whats yours?


Anonymous 5:45 PM CDT  

no, i agree with you. the Yankees will never be anything different. the only chance they have to change is let their youth develop, and they wont.

Anonymous 6:04 PM CDT  

I have to disagree with a few parts....1) Francona doesnt lead them to the play-offs every year (last year) 2) How is he underated he has the second highest paid team in baseball to manage? 3) And for you to say the "right" ones are Dice-K, Lugo and Drew you are very wrong these players havent performed the way they should have all year. There young players and guys who have been there forever should get the credit not these over paid losers. 4) How are the Red Sox the underdog? Maybe to the Yankees but how about the 28 other teams in MLB? You have to think more before writing something like this...atleast get your facts right.

Anonymous 6:53 PM CDT  

Dice-K, Lugo and Drew the right picks? I think Dice-K has a bright future so I can understand that one I guess, but Drew was a terrible pick-up and most of the world knew that when the signed him. I think the enormous money signings of Drew and Dice K make them more comparable to the Yankees. I remember back in 04 when almost everyone was cheering for the sox, now they're trading young talent more often for veterans, and completely overpaying undeserving talent. I was in no means a red sox fan in 04' but that run was amazing and I rooted my butt off for them. Since then they've adopted some of the Yankees style of franchise building and are now being looked at in a similar way.

Anonymous 6:54 PM CDT  

i think initially it is good, but long run will be just okay.

Anonymous 6:54 PM CDT  

Love them or hate them, the Yankees will be the only "Yankees" in baseball. When viewed through the lens of history, they are undeniably the most successful sports franchise in modern history. They will always be the standard for comparison of other teams.

In this era, it's not about winning or losing (although winning is better), it's about the business of baseball - which the Steinbrenner family revolutionized (again, for better or worse). Essentially the Yankees don't have to win anymore and they'll still fill the seats. It's all showbiz and glamour now. So, all this said, the Yankees will continue to set the standard for baseball entertainment.

That said, the only way I can see the aura of the Yankees diminishing is the establishment of a "hard" salary cap to enforce true parity. We'll see if it happens. Even so, it will take years for those images of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson, and Derek Jeter to fade from memory....

Timothy 8:29 PM CDT  

second highest payroll and great ability to develope talent. no question in my mind they are the new "evil empire." I would like to see them lose just b/c they spend so much money.

Anonymous 10:08 PM CDT  

I agree, I went for cheering them on and loving them in 04' to hating them almost as much as the Yankee's in 07'.

Anonymous 11:23 PM CDT  

If they sign A-Rod they will take the title of evil empire, and will not win with the post season crutch that is a-rod. If that's the case, the Yanks will sign lowell to a 1 or 2 year deal and wait for some of the younger 3rd basemen to become avaliable.

Dice-K until game 7 of the ALCS was essentially worthless to them, and for 100 million is a bust, Lugo, JD Drew , JC Romero, Pinero, Gagne, Crisp have all not worked out for Boston, so you can't say that Boston always gets "the right guy" cause they have as many busts that the Yanks do.

When manny leaves, the Red Sox winning the series will be over.

Anonymous 5:04 PM CDT  

Red Sox find the right free agents, huh? You gotta be kidding me. J.D. Drew? Julio Lugo? Dice-K?

Theo Epstein is completely overrated. I could of told you that Drew and Lugo where going to be huge busts. Why wouldn't they have resigned Nixon for 1 year, and then wait until this offseason to acquire Andruw Jones or Torii Hunter? Or how about give that beast Wily Mo a decent shot at playing every day? Trading Arroyo for Pena was a total waste of resources.

To me there is no real difference between the Red Sox and the Yankees.