Red Sox Win World Series!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Red Sox have won the World Series in four games sweeping the Rockies and taking the fourth game by a score of 4-3. This is their second World Series in four years, and many will assume it won't be their last. What a great finish to an incredible season with several teams taking playoff spots in the final week of the season. Not only that, but several players cracked milestones, broke records, and established themselves as true big leaguers. The World Series MVP is Mike Lowell.


Anonymous 11:07 PM CDT  

great year...

Timothy 11:17 PM CDT  

this series was so boring. only a Boston fan can enjoy it.

Eli 11:24 PM CDT  

I'm enjoying it a little bit...I had Mike Lowell winning MVP. But I am disappointed because I think the series would have been different is scheduling was better, i guess we will never know.

KevinGillman 11:48 PM CDT  

I am still bitter because that could have been the Indians winning the World Series. One win away from doing the impossible and that was beating a very good Boston team. Yes they earned that, but so did the Indians.

Anonymous 12:11 AM CDT  

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