Cubs Interested In Affeldt

Thursday, October 25, 2007

According to sources inside the Cubs, Assistant General Manager Randy Bush thinks very highly of reliever Jeremy Affeldt, especially after his performance in the playoffs. His experience would be great for the Cubs, especially because they need a proven lefty specialist. Affeldt is twenty-nine, and could sign a three to four year deal, worth eight to ten million dollars. I would suspect his numbers to improve leaving a hitter friendly stadium, but the Cubs defense is not as good as the Rockies. Other teams that have shown interest in Affeldt include the Phillies, Angels, Twins, Padres, Rangers, Red Sox, and White Sox.


Anonymous 5:49 PM CDT  

he would be great, but his interest will be high

Anonymous 6:18 PM CDT  

the money may be reasonable, but he wont be that good.

Anonymous 10:24 PM CDT  

I'm only interested in him if the price is right. If the Cubs give him Scott Eyre money after just one good season I'll be pretty upset.

Eli 10:25 PM CDT  

I would be too...but I think the cubs might be able to get him for lower-if they be perfectly happy with wood, and some of our young promising relievers.

Anonymous 1:37 AM CDT  

Eli any info on who your inside souce is?

Also is there any other info on who the Cubs might go after this offseason or what their payroll might be?