Hunter Likes D.C.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Twins outfielder Torii Hunter is set to become a free agent and all reports suggest he will leave. He is talking about places he would like to go, and how he will not rule anyone out. Maybe he is trying to get more money from the Twins, I think he is really on his way out. He has said he would love to play near a black community, so he can be a community leader off the field: "I always talk to my wife about being interested in playing in front of the African-American fans and trying to get the African Americans back to playing the game," he said. "If I go to Atlanta or D.C. and make a difference that way, I would love it. Trust me -- D.C. is very interesting to me as well as Atlanta." I think the Nationals would love to have someone like Hunter and maybe they could afford him, but I just don't know. Personally, I would love to see him in Washington. It would put that team back on the radar to many baseball fans and could give them a jolt in the NL East. He is good friends with Dmitri Young, and the Nationals need an outfielder, so Jim Bowden would have to open his wallet up. They said they will not go after pitching, so they can sign Hunter and let the young players determine the rest. "I can't tell you [how much money] it will take to come to Washington -- not as a free agent," he said. "What's fair is fair. That's all that matters. That's one of many teams I will be watching. With Dmitri Young over there, it makes it very interesting." I see Hunter going for a five year deal, worth 15-17 million dollars. I know the market isn't good, but players are looking big and Hunter will definitely be one of them. Don't rule out the Twins yet though. They are planning to make an offer to Hunter and Hunter is interested in staying there. The best defensive outfielder on the market batted .287 with 28 HR, 107 RBI, and 18 SB. I expect the Phillies, Padres, Giants, Rangers, Yankees, and Orioles among others to be interested.


KevinGillman 9:52 PM CDT  

The Nationals would be a really good fit for Torii. Though I never thought I'd see him play for any other team bu the Twins, Washington could benefit with Hunter playing CF.

Eli 9:53 PM CDT  

I agree...I think a lot of people would love him there

John Y. 10:15 PM CDT  

Nats won't be willing to pay 50+ million on a multiyear contract for a guy who is in his 30s.

They also have 24 year old Justin Maxwell who is major league ready (many in the organization think that they should give him the job and see where that goes).

D'Andre Williams 10:53 PM CDT  

I would love for Torii Hunter to come to the Braves. As long it doesn't mess up with the Braves trying to extend Mark Teixeira.

D'Andre Williams 10:57 PM CDT  

The best option for the Braves might be to trade for or sign a player for year. Because the Braves have a young prospect name Jordan Schafer to be Andruw Jones successor in center-field. The Braves also have Brandon Jones, who should be ready by spring training. Atlanta also drafted 2 outfielders in the first round for the past 2 years now. They're Jason Heyward and Cody Johnson.

Anonymous 7:46 PM CDT