Report: Joe Is The Guy

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Girardi, that is. According to the Daily News and confirmed by one of my correspondents, the Yankees are preparing a contract for Joe Girardi and hope to make an announcement later this afternoon or tomorrow. I would assume it is tomorrow because Bud Selig has a rule about holding announcement's till after the World Series, but I suspect it will be a three to four year deal. This is definitely the best move for the Yankees, who add someone who is familiar with the team, media, and managing. Tony Pena is definitely a close second if I was choosing, but I am sure he will remain on the staff. I think Mattingly will find a job, just not with the Yankees. Mattingly needs to realize that managing is tough, especially in New York. Mattingly will find an opening in 2008, with potential spots in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York (Mets), and maybe Milwaukee.

Now, the Yankees can turn their attention to Alex Rodriguez, and it looks like they plan to offer him a five year deal, worth 150-160 million dollars. This does not surprise me at all because the interest for him would not exceed over 120-130 million dollars elsewhere. I do not expect them to make much of a run at Mariano Rivera, but I do think the Yankees will go ahead with there three year deal, worth 40 million dollars for Jorge Posada.


Anonymous 12:03 PM CDT  

at first you said mattingly-but that was a report all around. i think this is a great choice

Anonymous 12:16 PM CDT  

thank god mat would have sucked!

Anonymous 12:17 PM CDT  

Great site. You seem pretty well informed and in touch with have been the first to report stuff a lot lately and it seems your site has grown a lot. Keep it up.


Anonymous 12:33 PM CDT  

i cant beleave anything u say because the yankees are going after MO dumb ass

Anonymous 2:33 PM CDT  

i agree with the last guy, you have no clue of what you are talking about sometime. i am going to remember this post and when at least 4 out of the 5 things you suggested in this post dont happen im gonna bring it up.

john 2:36 PM CDT  

your reports are so bogus and madeup.

Anonymous 12:07 AM CDT  

"Mattingly needs to realize that managing is tough, especially in New York." ???


Mattingly has been with the organization for 25 freakin' years. I think he knows what goes into it.

Think before you write.

Strong opinions are not necessarily good opinions.

Eli 5:52 PM CDT  

Thanks for your opinions. Do you have anything to say now that the Girardi deal has been announced.