Mike Lowell's Interest Grows

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mike Lowell is already being courted by several teams around the league, and no one is sure if he will even leave the Red Sox. Mike Lowell had a career year with the Red Sox, batting .324 with 21 HR and 120 RBI. He is making 9 million dollars in the final year of his four year deal worth 32 million dollars, and could probably make at least 12 million annually this year. The Tigers have said they do not plan to move Brandon Inge but if Lowell becomes available, it is possible they could move him back to catcher, and put Pudge Rodriguez at designated hitter because it seems that Gary Sheffield's injury had another setback. Once he comes back, Inge could become a backup while the much better Tigers roll on. It makes sense, but why go for Lowell, who will ask for so much money when Pedro Feliz, who is not better than Lowell, but could still get the job done at a cheaper price. Not only that, but Feliz is a utility player and could be shifted around if they want to keep Inge in the lineup. At least one thing is for sure, the Tigers may be looking for a third baseman after they find that left handed hitter for the outfield. If they go through trades, Ronny Cedeno of the Cubs played some third base and showed great pop there, but it would cost the Tigers a prospect or two because the Cubs still think high of him.


Anonymous 8:34 AM CDT  

Aramis Ramirez to the Tigers and the Cubs sign Arod to play 3rd.

Anonymous 10:36 AM CDT  

In Ronny Cedeno's entire major league career, he has played exactly two games at third, totalling six at-bats, hitting one home run.

That is 'showing some pop there'?

Timothy 12:55 PM CDT  

wow so that's him without a mustache?

i'd give him credit for his career year, but the reason why he did so good was b/x he playing in the Red Sox offense. I'm sure that if was with Detriot, he wouldnt put up those numbers.

Anonymous 2:54 PM CDT  

" Timothy said...
wow so that's him without a mustache? "
If by "him" you meant Inge, then yes.

Eli 3:45 PM CDT  

pop at the plate