Cardinals Release Maroth

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Cardinals mid season experiment with Mike Maroth failed, and they have decided to release him. It doesn't come as a surprise to many after he was 0-5 with a 10.66 ERA in 14 games for the Cardinals. He was 5-2 with the Tigers before being traded, and is just thirty, so I am sure there will be interest in him. The Twins may be looking for a pitcher, especially a lefty, and could sign him. He is from Florida, and could pitch for the Marlins if they are interested in a veteran pitcher. So many teams are looking to round out the bottom of their rotation so I expect Maroth to be signed early rather than late. He can put up 8-10 wins, while hovering around a 4.50 ERA, not bad a for a fifth starter if he can stay healthy. Teams that have been interested in Maroth in the past include the White Sox, Rangers, Marlins, and others. He will probably make two to four million where ever he ends up going. I suspect a one year deal, worth about three million dollars with a club option so the team can have control over his fate if he struggles.


Anonymous 11:13 PM CDT  

who sure he will make some team very happy

Anonymous 11:17 PM CDT  

I really like how there is round the clock posting--i come to check an interview, i accidently click out--i come back...and a new post is up. I really like that.

Anonymous 11:18 PM CDT  

I think Maroth would benefit from a team like the Dodgers. they have a great defense and pretty solid bullpen.

Anonymous 11:19 PM CDT  

I like the analysis on maroth...he is a dece pitcher and should draw interest.

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