If Rowand Walks, Don't Expect Much

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If Rowand walks, don't expect them to bring in Torii Hunter or anything. According to a source at Philly.com, he expects the Phillies to move Shane Victorino to center, and platoon Werth and Dobbs in right field. Werth and Dobbs put up good numbers and both are still young. I think Victorino could hold his own in center fielder, but he is no Aaron Rowand. The Phillies would love to keep Rowand, but I see them looking to upgrade pitching and at third base. The Rockies are the most obvious choice because both Brian Fuentes and Garrett Atkins are available. I see the Philles as one of the more proactive teams this offseason, but will probably go through trades more than looking at free agents.


Anonymous 5:37 PM CDT  

I'm cool with that. I would like Rowand and upgrades at third and pitching but this is not going to happen. So I put pitching first then third base and then Rowand. I will be fine with Victorino in Center.

Anonymous 5:37 PM CDT  

I'm fine with that. Personally I'd like to see Rowand go...He's always been overrated defensively (takes bad jumps on balls, has no arm) and now diue to his recent success he's being overrated offensively as well. He's not worth anymore than $11 million for 3 years. And Vic should fill in just fine...He's faster and has a better arm. He is a different offensive player, but will prove to be just as usefull and will be a catalyst for the offense. I say Vic leads off and we move Rollins down to the two hole.

As for Werth/Dobbs I suppose that can work. Werth at least deserves a chance, and Dobbs proved to be producive at the plate. As long as they spend the money on something worthwhile instead of a Adam Eaton clone.