Yankees Will Keep Torre

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Joe Torre will likely stay Yankees manager because the Yankees are taking so long to make a decision on what to do with him. They realize that no is better for the job than him, and holding on to him is better for the team, even if Steinbrenner doesn't like their playoff performance. Although Don Mattingly has been with the Yankees for a long time, I do not think he is ready to handle managing a big time team like this. If I were them, I would like to see him manage at the Triple-A level rather than just giving him a job with no experience. Or Mattingly would be better off walking and managing a team like the Reds or Royals to get some experience under his belt. He could then return to New York and take over the team if the job is open after sometime as a manager. Girardi has experience and has a close relationship with some of his former teammates while Tony La Russa has been managing for over a decade. Steinbrenner will listen to other peoples opinions and would be better off listening to some of his assistants who are more in tune with the organization who understand what they need. Joe Torre will stay as manager which means they might lose both Joe Girardi and Don Mattingly, but having Torre is better for his players who have only been managed by him in their career.


Anonymous 5:38 PM CDT  

haha you have got to be kidding me, so because they are taking so long, they are going keep him.

you jump to conclusions too fast, i know you are trying to get insight and your opinion, but just wait it out. there are plenty of people who could easily get the job with giradi being favorite, and then la russa.

Anonymous 5:51 PM CDT  

Why would the Royals or Reds let Mattingly use their teams as nothing more than a springboard to manage the Yankees? That's a bad move for either organization.

I do think that because the Yanks are taking longer, it might mean that Torre is coming back.

On the other hand, they might be waiting until the smoke has cleared and fans are thinking less about the issue before announcing a manager change that seems to be widely unpopular.

Anonymous 5:55 PM CDT  

it wouldnt be a spring board...but mattingly could use it for experience for three or four years...

Anonymous 10:33 PM CDT  

Torre is the most over-rated coach ever. He fell ass-backwards into the best team for 4-5 years. Can anyone name a good move that Torre has pulled as manager? Nothing, he doesn't deserve to be back.

Eli 10:38 PM CDT  

so are you saying that managers are rated year by year? so we can throw out the twelve straight seasons he has made the playoffs and players derek jeter, mariano rivera, jorge posada, bernie williams, robinson cano, melky cabrera, mike mussina, and others that he has taken, matured, and made stars of?

Krycek 2:42 PM CDT  

No, I'm saying that he got extremely lucky with the caliber of players on his teams. Why is he the best manager ? The St Louis Blues made the playoffs 25 straight years and no one was crying that they were switching coaches. Put any other competent manager in the position Torre was in and the same results will happen. (I'm the guy who posted the other comment.)