Torre Signs With Dodgers

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Now it is official. The Dodgers and Joe Torre have agreed to a three year deal worth 14.5 million dollars. Torre rejected a one year deal, worth 5 million dollars with incentives from the Yankees and intially, it looked like he would take the year off and take the Braves job in 2009. But with the resignation of Grady Little for "personal reasons," he is back in the dugout. According to MLB Rumors correspondent Thomas Reiss, Torre is expected to bring Don Mattingly and Kevin Long over for his staff. Mattingly will be bench coach and Long with be the hitting coach. Mattingly is almost a guarantee to join the team because his son is just a couple years away from the Dodgers. Torre won four World Series with the Yankees and hopes to bring his past success over with him.


Anonymous 9:57 PM CDT  

mark my words-little was forced out.nonetheless, it is a great move on the dodgers part. bringing over a legend, they will be very successful.

Anonymous 10:35 PM CDT  

wow, so he rejected the yankees 5 million dollar a year offer, and took a lesser offer.

i cant believe that.

Anonymous 10:44 PM CDT  

he probably wanted out of new york

Anonymous 2:17 AM CDT  

Mark my words, Torre is going to stink in the NL. Its too bad he's still going to a high payroll team or people could really see how much of a crush that $2 million was for him and his lack of managerial strategy.

Anonymous 12:14 PM CDT  

just read on ESPN that this deal is not done yet according to the Dodgers...get your facts